ICC-Lyon2024 Steering Committee

The Steering Committee of the candidature to host the 18th ICC in Lyon is composed of an Executive Committee and an Advisory Board:

Executive Committee


Hélène Olivier-Bourbigou, IFPEN, President of the Catalysis Division of the French Chemical Society
David Farrusseng, University of Lyon-CNRS


Céline Chizallet, IFPEN
Dorothée Laurenti, University of Lyon-CNRS
Axel Löfberg, University of Lille-CNRS

Advisory Board

Virginie Belliere-Baca, ADISSEO
Eric Benazzi, AXENS
Audrey Bonduelle b, IFPEN
Thibault Cantat, CEA
Jean-Francois Carpentier, University of Rennes
Jean-Pierre Dath, TOTAL
Pascal Fongarland a,c, University of Lyon
Montserrat Gomez, University of Toulouse-CNRS
Pascal Granger a, University of Lille
François Jerome a, University of Poitiers-CNRS
Franck Launay a, Sorbonne University Paris
Benoit Louis d, University of Strasbourg-CNRS
Philippe Marion, SOLVAY
Francoise Mauge a, University of Caen-CNRS
Eric Monflier, University of Artois
Armelle Ouali a, University of Montpellier-CNRS
Catherine Pinel, University of Lyon-CNRS
Claire-Marie Pradier, Institute of Chemistry-CNRS
Anne-Cecile Roger a, University of Strasbourg
Marc Taillefer, University of Montpellier-CNRS
Nathalie Tanchoux a, University of Montpellier-CNRS

a Catalysis Division board (SCF)
b GECAT- Groupe Etude Catalyse (SCF)
French Society of Chemical Engineering board (SFGP)
d Groupe Français des Zéolites (GFZ)


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Société Chimique de France - Division Catalyse - 2018